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    Tag Hello Summer - By Poushka

    Original Creation on May the 22nd 2019


    Result :

    Tutorial Hello Summer

    Is not really conform to the orignal because I changed the color of the borders.


    My personal Version :

    Tutorial Hello Summer

    Tubes of my version : Bird : Colybrix ; Mist Landscape: Animabelle; Woman: Maryse


    Original Tutorial Clic

    On the banner below:


    *** ***

    Thank You Poushka for give me the permission to translate your tutorials in English


    *** ***


     Conditions of use of elements and tubes supplied 

    It is forbidden to modify or change the name, to take off the watermark or alter the tubes. 
    It is forbidden to share them in groups or to offer them on your site, blog or forum. 
    If you want to use them to create your tutorials, ask for the authorization to the authors. 



     Filters Used :


    Distorsion filters

    Filters gallery A


    Material to download: Clic

    2 tubes: open them in your psp, duplicate them and close the originals.

    Always work with copies.

    3 Masks – Put in on the Folder Mask of your PSP

    1 selection – Put it on the Folder Selection of your PSP

    1 tube title


    Colors of this tutorial:

    Tutorial Hello Summer


    My personal colors:

    Tutorial Hello Summer


     This tutorial was made with PSP X8, but you can do it in another versions.

    The screenshot of my translation are made with PSP X8


    According to the version of PSP you use, the results might be slightly different
    don’t hesitate to change the blend modes of the layers to match your tubes and colors…



    1) File / New / New Image 900 x 500

    2) Put your dark color on the foreground and the light color on the background.

    Configure your gradient like this:

    Tutorial Hello Summer

    Invert must be checked for this step

    Flood your raster layer with your gradient

    3) Effects / Plugins / Unlimited / Distortion Filters / Scanline Shifter

    Tutorial Hello Summer

    4) Adjust / Sharpness / Sharpen

    5) Properties / Pattern and textures

    6) Unchecked invert of your gradient

    Tutorial Hello Summer

    7) New raster layer / Flood with the new gradient

    8) Effects / Plugins / Unlimited / Filter Factory Gallery A / Weave

    Tutorial Hello Summer

    9) Effects / Edge Effects / Enhance

    10) Double click on the raster 2 / Layers Properties

    Tutorial Hello Summer

    Choose Blend Mode to Screen (or another blend mode if you choose another colors / and opacity to 65

    11) New / New raster layer / Flood with your dark color

    12) Layers / Load save mask / Load from the disk

    Tutorial Hello Summer

    13) Layers / Merge / Merge group

    14) Activate the tube Poushka Ocean

    Edit copy / Return to your tag / Edit paste as a new layer

    15) New raster layer / Flood with the white color

    16) Layers / Load save mask / Load from the disk

    Tutorial Hello Summer

    17) Layers / Merge / Merge group

    18) New raster layer / Flood with the white color

    19) Layers / Load save mask / Load from the disk

    Tutorial Hello Summer

    20) Layers / Merge / Merge group

    21) Go to the layers and activate group raster 4

    Tutorial Hello Summer

    22) Selections / Load save selection / Load from disk

    Take the selection 1

    Tutorial Hello Summer

    Click to the delete touch of your keyboard

    23) Select / Select none

    24) Go to the top of the layers

    Tutorial Hello Summer

    25) Activate the tube woman 1845-Azalée

    Edit Copy / Return to your tag / Edit paste as a new layer

    26) Image / Resize / By percentage / 50 / Resize all layers no checked

    Tutorial Hello Summer

    27) Take tool K – With this parameters:

    Position X: 552 Position Y: -1

    28) Effects / 3D Effects / Drop Shadow:

    Tutorial Hello Summer

    29) Activate the tube moewe

    Edit Copy / Return to your tag / Edit paste as a new layer

    30) Image / Mirror / Mirror horizontal

    31) Tool K – with this parameters:

    Position X: 29 - Position Y: 33

    32) Activate the tube Title Hello Summer

    Edit Copy / Return to your Tag / Edit paste as a new layer

    33) Tool K – with this parameters:

    Position X: 109 - Position Y: 306


    35) The borders:

    Image, Add borders: 1 pixel  Color #0096bc

    Image, Add borders: 25 pixels Color #ffffff

    Image, Add borders: 1 pixel color #0096bc

    Image, Add borders: 5 pixels color #ffffff

    Image, Add borders: de 1 pixel color #0096bc

    Sign your work

    Save as format JPG


    Don’t hesitate to send your versions here

    Thank you for her.

     © Poushka-graph – Translation Nicole S – All right reserved!


    *** ***

    Thank You Gloria


    Tutorial Hello Summer

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